Our vision is to ignite a passion for Jesus among Louisiana Baptists that will result in dynamic, growing congregations who covenant together to extend the kingdom of God to the ends of the earth.

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Baptist Collegiate Ministry

The BCM is a ministry that works to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ on campuses, help students grow in their commitment to Christ and give students the opportunity to serve locally and around the world. Learn more.

Business & Information Services

Information Services is the support arm for Louisiana Baptists. We support the other teams and divisions of the Convention in the areas of data collection (through the ACP), telephone systems, network systems, computers (hardware and software), and database applications. Learn more.


Whether it’s information and assistance in times of disaster, coaching pastors to reach the next generation or finding resources for your church, the Communications Team is here to help. We serve you by providing information regarding missions and ministry opportunities through current forms of communication, inspiration and relevant tools. Learn more.


People without a relationship with Jesus Christ are living in the shadow of our steeples. Of the 4.5 million people in Louisiana, nearly 1.8 million do not claim any religious affiliation. We strive to provide you with the right tools and resources to accomplish the Great Commission right here in Louisiana. Learn more.


Louisiana Baptist churches are doing an amazing work! Help us get the word out about all that Louisiana Baptists are doing to turn the world upside down for the gospel. Learn more.

Missions & Ministry

All over Louisiana, churches are getting involved in helping our neighbors and reaching more for Christ. Creativity is the rule of the day. From a planting a church to serving a meal, find out all the ways you can share the love of Jesus in your community. Learn more.

Pastoral Leadership

The church administration strategist serves to help churches implement their limited resources (money, time and people) in a prioritized manner that best guides the church to achieve its mission efficiently and effectively. Learn more.