2019 LBC Annual Meeting

A Quick Look Back at Our Annual Meeting

To those of you who came to the annual meeting of Louisiana Baptists, thank you. We had about forty more registered messengers than last year. An increase is better than a decrease. We will need to work hard to have an even better participation next year in New Orleans.

Overall, I think we had a great meeting. I thought the preaching was excellent. Jake Roudkovski, Paul Chitwood, Jamie Dew, Eddie Wren, Jeffery Friend, and Clint Pressley all challenged me. I am hearing good reports about the times of fellowship.

We welcomed 17 new churches into our convention. Please pray for these new brothers and sisters.

For those not able to attend, I raised two fundamental questions in my address that I hope every Louisiana Baptists will pray over and ponder.

  • Will we allow our diversity to divide us and distract us from our primary mission?
  • Will we require uniformity in order to cooperate for our primary mission?

The way that we answer these two questions over the next decade will either strengthen or weaken our cooperative ministries.