A Matter of the Heart

We’re constantly reminded that heart disease is the number one killer of Americans. While men generally tend to be affected more than women, the increase of heart disease among women is startling.

However, I wonder how significant heart disease is among those of us who are followers of Christ? Physically, we probably fall within the norms of the general population – but spiritually, I believe it’s much more prevalent.

Jesus reminds us “your heart will always be where your treasure is.” Matthew 6:21, CEV.

Researchers tell us that the average American donates 2.3% of their disposable income to charitable causes. Friends this is not a God-honoring statistic and a major indicator of heart disease.

I wonder if one of the reasons the church in America has lost much of its influence to today is because its members are sick? The heart of the those who claim to know Christ is elsewhere and therefore the church, the body of Christ, is functioning with blocked spiritual arteries, if you will. The body still functions, but it does not thrive.

Understand, this is not about giving money to your church or to missions. It’s about the condition of your heart. You will never experience the peace and purpose God created you to experience when you’re suffering with spiritual heart disease.

The cure is to put God to the test – and He invites you to do so. Malachi, speaking for God, to His people, extended the challenge, “Test Me in this way,” says the LORD of Hosts. “See if I will not open the floodgates of heaven and pour out a blessing for you without measure.’” (Mal. 3:10, HCSB)

So, I encourage you to “examine yourself” as Paul challenged the believers in Corinth. When you get your heart right in this area, you’ll experience a renewed passion for the Lord and His church and you may ask yourself “why didn’t I do this sooner!”

It’s all a matter of the heart.

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