3151 Challenge

Here’s an idea that actually worked! Recently I completed an interim pastor position at a church averaging about seventy-five in Sunday School. I presented to the church the 3151 Challenge. The challenge was for each member, during a one month period, to:

3> Pray for THREE lost friends;

1> Learn ONE Gospel presentation;

5> Invite FIVE people to your group;

1> Share the Gospel with ONE person.

Each Sunday School teacher was asked to help me promote the challenge during the month of February. I made the 3151 cards available to everyone (see resources below) and used the sermon time to preach/teach through the emphasis.

The THREE stands for three lost friends or relatives that you would pray for. There are seven biblical ways provided to pray for lost people: that God would convict them of their sin and lostness; for God to open their eyes and see Christ as Lord and Savior; to draw them to Christ through the Holy Spirit; tear down any strongholds that are keeping them from being saved; make their hearts receptive to the Gospel; move them to repentance and saving faith; and to help them be fruitful witnesses.

The first ONE was to learn a gospel presentation. The Roman Road is briefly described in the card resource. I also found using a tract like Billy Graham’s “Steps to Peace with God,” was helpful. I provided everyone present that morning in worship a copy of the tract and walked them through it, encouraging them with ways they can use it to sow the seeds of the gospel, as they go through their day.

The FIVE was to challenge every Sunday School member to invite five people to their class over the month of February. Teachers can prepare the class ahead of time that guests will be in their class over the next few weeks. Extra chairs, Sunday School books, etc. need to be made available.

The final ONE challenges class members to share the gospel with one person during the month. I helped the church know how to briefly share their testimony, one or two sentences for each of the following: what my life was like before I met Christ; how I came to know Christ; and what my life was like now that Christ is my Lord and Savior.

The resources below also have posters that can be printed for each class listing their goals for each challenge. Think about it, what if 75 Sunday School members in your church prayed for THREE lost friends? That would be 225 lost people being prayed for throughout the month! What might God do through your church if 75 people learn ONE gospel presentation! What if 75 Sunday School members each invited FIVE people to their class, that’s 375 people invited to your Sunday School! And, what if 75 people in your church shared the gospel with ONE person?

The 3151 Challenge helped this church (and their interim pastor) get excited about the Sunday School doing what the Sunday School already should be doing: reaching, teaching, and ministering to people in Jesus’ Name!

3151 Resources