10 Community Outreach Ideas

Church leaders, are you looking for some ideas to have greater impact in your community?

Dr. Aubrey Malphurs recently released this idea sheet to spur your thinking in ministering to the community in which God has placed your church.

Review the list below and let God lead your creative mind in ways to more effectively reach, teach, and minister in your community context. Download the full sheet at the link below.

10 Community Outreach Ideas

  1. Run errands with or for someone who can’t
  2. Do a bike repair day
  3. Paint a room or two that need updating in a local school
  4. Restock crafts for teachers in a local school
  5. Read to someone, young or old
  6. Lend books
  7. Buy books
  8. Clean up a yard for someone who can’t
  9. Plant something pretty
  10. Make yourself available at least once a week for someone who is ill