10 Biblical & Practical Ways to Get Involved in Church Planting Today

There’s no right or wrong way to support church planting & multiplication in Louisiana & beyond. Don’t let failure of imagination or the excuse, “I don’t know how,” keep you and your church from engaging the lost through church planting and multiplication.

Here’s 10 Biblical & practical ways to get involved IMMEDIATELY:

  • Engage in strategic intercessory prayer for a church plant – Colossians 4:2-3.
  • Adopt a church planter and his family – Philippians 4:14-15.
  • Contribute to the financial needs of a church plant – Acts 11:29.
  • Provide materials and equipment for a new church – Acts 11:30.
  • Share your campus facilities or equipment with a new church – Acts 3:6.
  • Serve on a church planting mission trip – Acts 12:25.
  • Discover unreached or under-reached people in your community – Matthew 28:19.
  • Start an outreach Bible study that could become a new church – Acts 16:32.
  • Send people and families to help a church get off the ground – Acts 13:2-3.
  • Mentor & Encourage Church Planting leaders – Philippians 2:22.

Contact our Church Planting Strategists to start planning your Church Multiplication journey. Also, find a list of current church plants receiving cooperative funding in Louisiana.

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