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Bonnie Beeman, children’s music consultant, has compiled several resources to assist the children’s choir program in your church and answer frequently asked questions.

In addition to the resources, the children’s music consultant is available to assist churches who have questions about starting a children’s choir program, customizing existing programs or providing training for leaders.


Which literature should I use?
The Children’s Music Series from Lifeway is the best graded, sequential, and easy to use material. Go to www.lifeway.com/cms to see and hear products available. These products are geared for ages 4-5, 1st -3rd grade, and 4th -6th grade.

How can I use the literature if I only have a small group of children ages 3-12?
The best solution is to choose the 1st-3rd grade literature and adapt it for the younger children and enlarge it for the older children. Music suggestions for 3-year-olds are available online at LifeWay.
Are there any other series from LifeWay?
Made for Praise is an undated series that can be used for any size groups. It also comes in three age divisions but can be adapted to fit a wide range of age groups. Details about this source can be found on the LifeWay website.
Are any materials available at the Baptist Building in Alexandria?
There are several kits from previous years that can be donated to churches. These are basic kits with all of the teaching resources and CD’s included. However, there are few, if any, student books available and they cannot be ordered from years past. This problem could be remedied by asking a neighbor church if they would donate their books at the end of their choir year.

Extra Resources for Children’s Choirs

I. Websites


Props, sets, etc.

II. Resources


III. Music

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IV. Fun Songs

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  • On With the Beat
  • Rich Nelson
  • Uncle Charlie– Worship Kids
  • Fish Song-Laurie Berkner–preschool & younger children, i-tunes download
  • Crazy Praise—vol. 1-4 DVD kit
  • Imagination Movers

V. Sugar Sticks

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