E4 Preaching Conference Videos

E4 Preaching Conference Videos

The 2013 E4 Preaching Conference videos are now online! If you missed any of the sessions last fall or just want to revisit some of the great teaching by Dr. David Uth check out the videos below.

Session 1: The Goal is Not Academic, It’s Transformational

Text: Acts 27
Worship is both Spontaneous and intentional. Paul’s trip to Rome is also a metaphor of our call to go where we haven’t been before.

Session 2: What Are We Asking them to Do?

Text: Matthew 9:35-38.
Jesus sends out the followers. The gospel in its core is simple. We need to see what Jesus sees, feel what Jesus feels, and do what Jesus does.

Session 3: Don’t Make the Holy Things Common

Text: James 2
David provides a challenging call to enter into God’s story. Faith is not what we say. Faith is what we do.

Session 4: When Pastors Walk through Loneliness and Adversity

Text: Psalm 137
What do you do when you end up in a foreign land? Don’t stop singing!